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Olives Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Brief Introduction:

Olive portable oxygen concentrator is the most lightest, smallest and quietest oxygen concentrator for travel and ambulatory oxygen needs.

It has three power suppliers:

First, it is can be used for cars. With an adapter to connect the car and the machine, customer can absorb oxygen smoothly while driving, and the small size of this machine takes itself  little space, making no trouble like your lovely pet. Second, it is portable with an rechargeable battery,light and bag carrying, so it could accompany you to enjoy your life outside like a close friend.Third, it is can also be used after plugged in.


And it comes with a portable bag, you can carry it to travel. 


1.lightweight at 5.2kg
2.Operates with rechargeable internal battery, AC or DC power
3.Exceptional battery life,can be used for 800 times.
4.Fashionable carrying case with adjustable shoulder strap
5.Low noise, less than 40db(A)





Flow Rate:







Outlet pressure:

0.04~0.06 Mpa

Noise :

less than 40dB(A)

Net Weight:  




Battery Duration:

About 1 hour

Battery life:

800 times recharge


One year or 5,000 hours

Standard Accessories:

1× Oxygen concentrator

2× oxygen pipe

1× lithium battery

1× battery charger

1× AC-DC Car Inverter
1× Power cord
1× portable bag
1× User manual


Robust enough the deliver effective oxygen therapy to a wide range of patients. As the smallest and lightest oxygen concentrator developed by one of the industry’s leading brands.

A great choice for those that don't let the need for medical oxygen slow them down.

This oxygen concentrator is matched with a new high-efficiency air compressor and best molecular sieve from the USA.

 90W power consumption.

Now it is still the smallest oxygen concentrator with 1LPM 93% of oxygen continuous flow. The users can use it for 24*7 hours of home use and short traveling


It has a one year warranty.

Color: White. Size:26x 19.5x 38.7cm,

Noise: less than 40db,

Considering that the ambient air we breathe naturally only has 20-22% oxygen 

Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Battery

Offering everything you need to continue living an independent life. The concentrator is one of the lightest on the market today making it easy to transport without assistance.

More convenient use for outdoor activities. 


Note: This is a supplementary equipment and is not intended for serious disease or those who stay alive solely on medical oxygen.