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JAY-10 1-10 Litters Per Minute Continuous Flow Medical Oxygen Concentrator

The oxygen concentrator is a medical device operated on electricity and is used to provide purified oxygen. It provides the oxygen continuously by pumping indoor 

Do you require a lot of oxygen while you are exercising at home or while you sleep?Do you need high flow for everyday use?If so, The "JAY-10 1-10 L Stationary Oxygen Concentrator" will keep your oxygen levels saturated without question, no matter what you're doing. It offers continuous flow settings 0.5-10.0 LPM and is CPAP/BiPAP compatible.

You can adjust the flow settings with a turn of a knob and the machine powers on and off with a flip of a switch. 

On sturdy wheels that provide easy transport from room to room or even out onto a deck or patio. It can be used with up to 25 feet of tubing for more mobility.

The instrument panel has easy to identify indicator lights that let you know instantly if your oxygen percentage has dropped to dangerous levels.

Quick Details:

  • Warranty: 
      2 years
    Flow rate: 
    Sound Level: 

    OEM and ODM: 

     The optional dual-flow configuration allows two users to inhale oxygen at the same time by sharing one machine. 

    (This machine can do 3LPM, 5LPM, 6LPM, 8LPM, and 10LPM flow, you can choose to do dual flows or single flow)


    Product Advantages

    1. Humidifier bottle: SALTER LAB from America. Its pressure release can be up to 6PSI(0.041MPa), other brand humidifier pressure release is 3PSI, which will make the patient feel more comfortable when inhaling oxygen;

     2. Inner case housing adopt Ceramics technique, non-spray paint;

     3. Customerized mute cotton make sure non-pulverization phenomenon min 3 years;

     4. The machine inside pipeline use the Medical class silicone tube and nylon tube, safer than industrial silicone tube and plastic tube, no pollution, no peculiar smell;     

     5. Molecular sieve seal ring adopt medical silicon rubber material; And the molecular sieve tank is very firm, which cover is fixed by the screw to avoid the phenomenon of spray zeolite;

     6.  Cooling system: copper tube and  aluminum fins, compare with only aluminum or copper tube better for heat dissipation and ensure the machine to continuously work for 24 hours without overheat interruption

     7.  With the pressure sensor, it can be used in highland, and make sure the abundant oxygen;

    8.  Full functional alarms including high&low pressure alarm, high-temperature alarm,  maintenance alarm, oxygen purity alarm, power failure alarm)

     Product Application
    1. Medical use
    2. Combining with a separate flow meter to be used to supply oxygen for children or adults
    3. Oxygen cylinder filling system
    4. Oxygen supply for ozone generator
    6.Veterinary use