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LoveGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator with 2 batteries!

  • Experience the best portable oxygen concentrator. If you're looking for a portable oxygen tank or concentrator, call us today.
  • LoveGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator provides high concentrations of oxygen ranging from 90 to 96% on a supplemental basis. It is ideal for people who face shortness of breath while at rest or in motion resulting from respiratory disorders like COPD, emphysema.
  • Small and portable design and powerful performance makes it capable of continuous use in the home and travel environments.
  • This Portable won't weigh you down is one of the lightest and most comfortable portable oxygen concentrators to offer a pulse flow setting up to 5 with a maximum medical oxygen output.
  • But that's not all! It's lightweight design is perpetuated with its sheer lack of size.
  • We must be prepared for emergency situation. Sometimes we catch a cold and illness deteriorate suddenly without a sign.
  • Flow Settings and Oxygen Saturation

    Continuous Flow Settings
    Continuous Flow
    1 LPM
    1.5 LPM
    2 LPM
    Oxygen Saturation
    Two Battery Life
    4 Hours
    4 Hours
    4 Hours
       Pulse Flow Settings at average of 20 BPM (±10ml)
    Pulse Flow
    Two Battery Life
    Equal to 3.5 liters
    Equal to 4.5 liters
    Bolus Size (ml/breath)
    42 ml
    58 ml
    75 ml
    Oxygen Saturation
    90% to 95%
    90% to 95%
    90% to 95%
    Two Battery Life
    4 Hours
    4 Hours
    4 Hours

    GCE Healthcare - Portable Oxygen Concentrators, Medical Gas ...

    Pulse Flow Settings of up to 5 LMP at 95% oxygen 

    Safety Alarms

    Low oxygen alarm
    No breath alarm
    High temperature alarm
    Oxygen monitor problem
    Screen show error code "E1"      
    Screen show error code "E2"    
    Screen show error code "E3"    
    Screen show error code "E5"    
    Activate when oxygen decrease to less than 82%
    Activate when no breath detect at pulse flow setting
    Activate when machine temperature reach 60.
    Active when monitor has problem

    Working Enviroment

    Working Altitude
    up to 12,000 ft (3657 meters)

    support use in plateau, mountains and high altitudes
    Working Sound Level
    ≤ 40 dB (nominal) at flat table, ≤45dB when travelling
    Audible Alarm Sound Level
    35dB(nominal) at 30 in(1m) distance
    Operational Temperature
    Operational Temperature
    Relative Humidity
    Relative Humidity

    Machine Volume

    Machine Size
    9.1in x 8.7 in x 12.8 in(23 cm x 22 cm x 32.5 cm)
    9.0 lbs (4.0 kg) 
    Shoulder Bag Weight
    1.20 lbs (0.55 kg)
    Trolley Cart Weight
    2.97 lbs (1.35 kg)


    Shoulder Bag
    1 piece
    Trolley Cart
    1 piece
    2 piece
    1 piece
    Car Inverter
    Nasal Cannula1 piece
    Nasal Cannula
    1 piece
    Humidifier Bottle
    1 piece
    Spare Air Filter
    1 piece

    1. Styled design, selected material, compact structure.

    2. Big LED screen, the stream-line front panel.

    3. Earphone shaped oxygen breathing apparatus, sterilizing, and removing contamination free.

    4. oxygen purity 1-5L/M adjustable flow rate at 90-95%

    5. Imported molecular sieve, over 30000hours life.

    6. 24hours/7 days working.

    7. Three power suppliers:

    a. Can be used in cars.

    b. Can be used with a rechargeable battery.

    c. Can be used with plug.

    8. Long time working 24/7 continuous 

    Quick Details:

    Installation: Portable

    Certification: CE, ISO13485

    Capacity (CFM): 5

    Power (W): 100

    Voltage (V): 220

    Flow rate: 1-5L/M